What are The Types of Resilient Floorings

Resilient floorings are usually built to provide a firm yet delicate texture to the floor. They need to be comfortable, flexible as well as firm. Resilient floorings ranges are vast. Some of them are highly expensive while some of them are extremely cheap. However, varying prices also matter directly to the quality of the product.

Resilient floorings are created with the purpose to provide a comfortable feel while walking on them. Another best thing about these floorings is that these kinds of flooring don’t require any excess maintenance in the future. As mentioned earlier there is a vast category of resilient floorings. They are,

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring consists of different materials. Each of these materials plays a vital role in the final product. These materials are poly Vinyl chloride and fillers.

  1. Vinyl sheet flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring forms a continuous finished resilient floor covering. It can also be a solid or backed one. In general, these floorings are usually used to prevent dust, bacterial formation, and dirt.

  1. Vinyl tile flooring

There are two types of vinyl tile flooring. They are solid vinyl tile and vinyl composition tile.

Solid vinyl tile consists of more PVC than letter one. Thus it is more resilient to the abrasion forces. They are also quite thicker than vinyl composition tiles.

Rubber flooring

This kind of flooring is created from natural rubber that is processed with other chemical compounds to last long. Rubber floorings are very expensive. And it requires certain Specialists to install these rubber flooring.

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum is created from the linseed oil that has been extracted from the flax plant. Later the oil is oxidized before combining with different materials.

Each of these floorings is different from one another. However, they provide the same firm and comfortable texture of resilient flooring.

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