Maintaining a Quality Audio on a Recording Studio

Over the years we have seen the Prices of audio equipment become more economical and cheaper while goods become better and better. When the computer became the main brain of the studio this changed everything. Additionally, moving from analog to digital made the playing field and gave hope to audio producers who had dreams of creating their own music. Now and days you have got young manufacturers coming up using software like Fruity Loops generating hits for artist. Who’d have thought that a man sitting in the center of America or in China could make a beat in their bedroom which could change the music world? Believe that is terrific for music but some people today feel that the affordable prices of equipment and applications hurt the music. Strongly disagree making things cheaper opened up ingenuity to manufacturers who may have never would have gotten the opportunity to produce their own music.

Music Producer

At one time you could not get Equipment such as an MPC 2000 for less than three grand today things have changed due to applications and products such as fruity loops. The soft synch tools have changed the game dramatically who’d have thought you can make a beat that sounds like a complete fledge orchestra on your PC. Only the other day was working in my MV-8000 and thought wow brought this in 2005 and it is already considered old school. Started searching online searching for something would not break my budget but had quality to it. My search had me on YouTube looking at The Beat initially said what the hell is that? Then watched the movies and went into the site and watched the specs were like wow this is a fantastic product.

Three days after brought this Virtual MPC which you can download in your Mac or PC and create beats with your computer keyboard. Downloaded the software and was blown away with the quality of the sounds that it includes. Forgot to mention it cost less than one hundred dollars and comes with over 3,000 mastered sounds that are crazy. Right now believe that am definitely producing music on a budget while still maintaining a professional sound. Raz Klinghoffer producer that is reading this and you are on a budget and does not need to split your pockets but you need quality believes the new software that is being developed can and will assist you. Just look at all the terrific beat making software products with top quality studio mastered sounds which you start with the box out. When it does not open up your imagination then do not know what will.