Beaches To Visit If You Are Staying In Durham NC

If you are in Durham NC and plan to visit the beach, you do have an option within city limits. Outside of that, there are great beaches nearby, too. You are going to love your options. Let’s first look at what’s in Durham. Then we will take a look at the beaches that are nearby.

The beach experience you are going to find in Durham is in Eno River State Park. There is also West Point on the Eno. These are two separate places along the same river. The State Park is off of Cole Mill Road, and West Point is off of Roxboro Road. Don’t discount those two beach experiences and skip right the other ones I’m going to tell you about. You want to check out the beaches in Durham, too. Eno River State Park is in fact a top place of interest in the city.

Now it is time to tell you about other beach experiences that you can have not too far away from Durham at all. There is the Falls State Lake Recreation Area in Wake Forest. There is also Lake Crabtree County Park in Morrisville. You can also visit Falls Lake Dam in Wake Forest, Lake Johnson Park in Raleigh and Lake Lynn Park in Raleigh as well. Of course, now it is time to really look at where the action is at. You might have to take a little bit of a drive for the next top beach destinations, but you are going to enjoy them.

You have heard of the Crystal Coast, right? You have to drive for three hours to get to Emerald Isle, but what’s a 3 hour drive when you are going to see such a beautiful beach setting? Then there is also Atlantic Beach and Hammocks Beach State Park. Enjoy yourself at Bear Island and much more. Again, these are going to require a day trip to even get there, but it’s going to be worth it once you arrive.

You have your choice of spending time on the beach in Durham or driving different distances to get to beaches that are nearby. Three hours might not seem like it is close by, but I am a former Texan. Three hours is a hop, skip and a jump. Now you know what beaches to visit if you are in the city of Durham NC and wanting to have some fun in the sun.