Why Should You Invest In Ethereum Classic Trust

There are many over the counter crypto investment products available in the market. Grayscale being the largest cryptocurrency investment asset manager, provides various investment alternatives to the common traders.

This platform offers you cryptocurrency investment products as Bitcoin Trust, Ethereum Trust, Litecoin Trust, etc.

However, out of all these products, Ethereum Classic Trust is performing quite well in the market. It is the right time to invest in OTCMKTS ETCG at https://www.webull.com/quote/otcmkts-etcg as the actual Ethereum Classic currency is leaving all the other cryptocurrencies behind.

Reasons to Invest in OTCMKTS ETCG:

Here are some of the reasons why you need to invest your money in Ethereum Classic Trust.

Stock Investment

  • Over the Counter Trading: The main reason why you need to invest in ETCG is that it is an over the counter stock. You don’t need to create a crypto wallet or crypto account to purchase it. You can simply use your brokerage account and purchase the stock like any other security. It makes the investment process easy. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about any security threats as well. It is quite safe to invest your money in OTC stocks.
  • Ethereum Classic Performance: This is another reason why you need to invest your money in OTCMKTS ETCG. It is an Ethereum Classic Investment product offered by Grayscale. The price of Ethereum Classic affects the price of this stock. As Ethereum Classic is doing quite well in the market, it is the right time to invest in ETCG stock. Ethereum Classic is even surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum in demand as it is cheap. If you invest your money at the right time, your gains will increase considerably.
  • Asset under Management: Grayscale offers and manages Ethereum Classic Trust. Even though there are many other popular trusts available with the company, ETCG is in great demand. The total asset under management of this product is more than $1billion. The holding per share is $79.05. It clearly shows that stock is doing better than other stocks in the market.
  • Institutional Investors: As per the financial reports, Grayscale did quite well in 2020. The company has raised nearly $3.3 billion in 2020. Reports show that institutional investors have started investing more money in the products offered by this company. Because of this, institutional investors are also starting to invest in Ethereum Classic Trust.
  • Market Value: The market value of OTCMKTS ETCG is higher than the market value of Ethereum Trust and Bitcoin Trust. While the value of GBTC is $41.97, the value of ETHE is 39.15. Compared to these two stocks, the value of ETCG is $54.90.

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