Describe Experience the Wildlife of Kanha national park

The Kanha national park is Located in Shadow district, Madhya Pradesh. It lies very much within the Vindhya Range. This park has a record of having the highest density of tiger population in India. You may go to Kanha national park from mid-November to June as this is the best time when you are able to easily spot the animals of the park. But to get the best view of tigers and leopards the warmer months of April to June are highly convenient. From July to early November the park remains closed because of the monsoons. The thick woods of Kanha national park is circled by cliffs and the forested Vindhyan Mountain. The park’s plains are covered with reed covered marshland and lush green grass. Here you will see birds such as Kingfishers and Egrets sitting and diving in the shallows of the water body. Vultures create their nest in holes inside the trees of the woods.

There are 32 wooded hills within the core region of kanha national park. Approximately half of the park is covered with trees of Sal. Mixed forests such as Saja, Sali, Dhobin, Saj and other species of trees are also observed in the higher reaches of the hills whereas the north of this park has stretches of bamboo and grasslands. The density of royal Bengal tiger Population has made Kanha national park popular globally. Besides Tiger, you will also find a Large Variety of other wildlife in Bandhavgarh such as Leopard, Dhole, Chital, Nilgai, Sloth Bear, Chinkara, Rhesus Macaques, Hyena, Langur, Porcupine, Chausingha, Jackal and many others. Some of the most prominent varieties of Sambhar Deer, wild Boar and Barking Deer can be found in Bandhavgarh. Since these species are rare in any other natural reserve of the country, a Bandhavgarh wildlife excursion is greatest once you think about an adventure tour in India.

Kanha national park will be a Paradise for you in case you enjoy watching birds. It is over 250 varieties of rare residential and migrant bird species such as the Parakeets, the Fantails, the blue citrus Bee-Eaters, the Steppe Eagles, the Green Pigeons, the Grey Malabar Hornbills, the White Bellied Drongos, Wood shrikes, Minivets and the beautiful Paradise Flycatchers. To accomplish this park, you can choose the railroad, street or the airways. The nearest railroad head near Kanha national park is Umaria 32 Km/45 Min or Katni 100 Km/3 Hrs. The nearest airport is Khajuraho Airport situated at a distance of 220 Km. You can take a bus into the park from Umaria.