Beaches To Visit If You Are Staying In Durham NC

The beach experience you are going to find in Durham is in Eno River State Park. There is also West Point on the Eno. These are two separate places along the same river. The State Park is off of Cole Mill Road, and West Point is off of Roxboro Road. Don’t discount those two beach experiences and skip right the other ones I’m going to tell you about. You want to check out the beaches in Durham, too. Eno River State Park is in fact a top place of interest in the city.

3 Interesting Durham NC Restaurants Calling Your Name

Elmo’s Diner leads the list, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start with dessert at this place. Wow. The desserts look amazing, but the other food served up there is just as good. You are talking about salmon cakes, breakfast burritos, home fries, biscuits and gravy, burgers and a lot of other great choices. You are going to see all kinds of delicious comfort food, and you can order up what you like. To boot, reviews say that Elmo’s Diner has a great vibe, which is going to make for an even better experience.